Before there was the United States of America, there was Caswell-Massey, the original purveyor of the finest personal care products and accessories and America’s oldest operating retailer. The company was founded in Newport, Rhode Island by Scottish-born Dr. William Hunter in 1752. His location in the bustling trade center enabled the doctor to procure the finest ingredients the world had to offer and he used his medical expertise to formulate personal care and medicinal preparations for a discerning, devoted clientele.

Ownership of Dr. Hunter’s Apothecary, as it was originally known, transferred through apprenticeship for the majority its history, with each retiring pharmacist handing over the keys and expertise to his apprentice. The company took its present name in 1876 when then-owner John Rose Caswell became partners with New York businessman William Massey. The firm was acquired in 2007 by the Equitium Group, which remains dedicated to preserving the company’s proud heritage.

Since the beginning, Caswell-Massey has attracted America’s elite with its high quality, naturally derived soaps, gels, lotions, creams, fragrances, and accessories. President Washington used and gifted our No. Six cologne, the Eisenhowers brought our Almond Cold Cream soap to their White House and President Kennedy was fond of the still-popular Jockey Club fragrance. Beyond the political arena, the brand has attracted the who’s who among movie stars, tycoons of business, and other notable figures in the public eye for decades.

More than 258 years after Dr. Hunter opened his doors, Caswell-Massey continues to honor his commitment to quality, service, and innovation.

Some things never change.